Teambuilding workshop of „Craftspeople without Borders“ trainers in Italy

Just a few days after starting the new training course „Artigiani senza Frontiere“ in Vicenza, Italy, Confartigianato Imprese Vicenza welcomed in its offices the trainers of the equivalent courses from other European countries.

Around ten persons from Italy, Germany, France and Poland involved in this exciting project exchanged on the training course content, the adjustments and additions made to the training course to meet the local needs of participants, the challenges encountered, as well as brainstormed and discussed about the sustainability of the training courses during 2 full days.

In order to get to know each other better outside of the work setting, the group of trainers and project staff went to a traditional printing workshop in Vicenza, “la Stamperia d’Arte Busato”. After a lively visit of the workshop, each of them carved his or her own drawing on Plexiglas. The workshop owner, Giancarlo Busato, then demonstrated his craftsmanship skills and printed these small “masterpieces” on canvas paper.

Watch out!

The local TV channel TVA Vicenza broadcasted interviews with three workshop participants emphasising the benefits of the training course “Craftspeople without Borders“ for the craftspeople:

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