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Do you need skilled workers or qualified craftspeople for your development project? This is what the graduates of our training courses – our Craftspeople without Borders – are prepared for!

Find suitable specialists – with the expert pool

Do you belong to a development cooperation organisation or is your company involved in developing countries? Are you a project manager or recruiter? If so, “Craftspeople without Borders” is for you:

We offer you a pool of qualified craftspeople who are already trained and available for missions abroad. You will find dedicated experts for short-term projects here, listed by trade and skills. The Chamber of Skilled Crafts Frankfurt-Rhein-Main acts as an intermediary for the pool, taking your requests, passing on your requirements, and establishing contact with the craftspeople. You will then be able to negotiate the terms of your cooperation directly with the interested persons.

Utilising the advantages of crafts

What craftspeople can do, only craftspeople can do – in over 100 different professions! Craftspeople are used to getting stuck in! They come from a practical background and are therefore perfectly placed to provide practical support. Thanks to the practice-oriented system of crafts apprenticeships – i.e. practical work and in-company learning plus reflective theoretical training in the vocational school – craftspeople are able to do much more and possess both comprehensive practical and theoretical knowledge in the relevant trade as well as commercial and business management knowledge and vocational teaching skills.

Craftspeople who have undergone further training as Craftspeople without Borders take this to the next level: With modules in Intercultural Competences, International Project Management, Vocational and Education Training Systems, Founding Enterprises and Foreign Trade, and Living and Working in Fragile States, they are ideally prepared for sustainable deployment in your project.

One platform for all competences

Our platform lists our growing pool of expert Craftspeople without Borders, sorted by trade.

If you are interested in the profile of an expert, please contact the Chamber of Skilled Crafts Frankfurt-Rhein-Main. We can also send your specific request for suitable experts to the various clusters.

Please note: Most of the Craftspeople without Borders undertake foreign missions on a part-time basis, and are therefore only available for short missions, from one week to one month. For longer stays abroad, availability must be clarified individually with the respective craftsperson.

The five clusters in the expert pool

Metal and vehicles

Automotive technology, metal construction, mechanical engineering, aircraft construction, precision mechanics, agricultural machinery and construction machinery technology, etc.

Resources and energy efficiency

Main and ancillary construction trades, bricklaying, carpentry, roofing, finishing, building technology, solar engineering, electrical engineering, air conditioning, waste management, water supply, urban planning, etc.

Food and food security

Food trades, baker, butcher, process engineering, supply chain and cold chain, agriculture, food processing etc.

Health and hygiene

Health trades, orthopaedic technology, orthopaedic shoemakers, hairdressers, medical bath attendants, therapists, etc.

Aesthetics and daily needs

Cultural goods, arts and crafts, textile, interior decoration, photography, services, restoration, etc.

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If you would like to know more about Craftspeople without Borders or if you are interested in becoming a Craftsperson without Borders, please contact us by e-mail or phone. We look forward to hearing from you!

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