In Vicenza, the course “Artigiano senza Frontiere” / “Craftspeople without Borders” has begun!

The course that will train future “Craftspeople without Borders” started on January 26th.

On Friday, January 26th, the course to become “Craftspeople Without Borders” officially kicked off. Promoted by the Italian project partner Confartigianato Imprese Vicenza, the training course has so far garnered the participation of 11 attendees from various sectors of craftsmanship. Installers, dental technicians, photographers, bakers, and pastry chefs are just a few of the professions that the Italian project team will make available to strengthen craftsmanship in developing countries.

The course, which will see craftspeople engage with the field of international cooperation and its various components, began with an initial eight-hour introductory module called “Diversa-mente: from communication to team building,” held in person at the Confartigianato Congress Center in Vicenza.

Led by a psychologist and experienced trainer in communication, human resource development, and group facilitation, the training session aimed to stimulate understanding among participants, explore their motivations, and encourage reflection on oneself and one’s approach to the unfamiliar. In addition to sharing theoretical aspects, the approach used was experiential, allowing participants to engage through the experimentation of situations, tasks, where they could apply their resources and skills to achieve a goal, even as a group.

The course will continue in the coming weeks with an introduction to the field of international cooperation, led by Confartigianato staff.

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